Expo Astana 2017

New technologies in sustainable energy is an important current topic which all governments, foundations, associations and companies should be concerned about. Exhibitions, events, and conferences are taking place throughout the world to present the latest innovations in green technologies. It is with this in mind that the Swiss Confederation requested H.Glass to be a part of the “Pavilion Suisse” at the ASTANA 2017 expo.

H.Glass set up 17 green solar DSSC modules as a balustrade on the balcony that overlooks the exhibition floor. H.Glass also organized a hands-on workshop where visitors were able to make a Grätzel cell. Our CEO, Mr. Asef AZAM, has explained that the technology of dye sensitized solar cells (DSSC) is often referred to as artificial photosynthesis, analogous to chlorophyll in leaves, where a sensitized dye absorbs light and generates excited electrons which produce electric energy. And then, the visitors get the chance to follow step by step the scientific experimentation of the photosynthesis experience by creating a solar cell of 15 cm2 with natural tea or blackberry juice.

For further information, feel free to visit the DFAE’s web site.