On the 21st of September, the inauguration of the Science Tower took place in Graz, Austria.

At 60 meters high, the Science Tower was built to stand as a pioneer in the green building industry. To achieve this objective, SFL Technology (an H.Glass shareholder) has enveloped the tower with a 100% solar façade. Amongst other technologies, this façade was partially covered by a new type of photovoltaic technology using transparent, colored and sensitized solar cells (Dr. Grätzel’s cells) to produce electrical energy. According to Dr. Mario Müller, CTO of SFL Technology “The Science Tower is not a common building. This Tower is a message to the world, bringing innovative solutions such as the solar cells (Grätzel’s cell) but is also a source of synergies between, Science, Technology and Economy”. By combining a solar photovoltyic system (SFL energrid), heat storage system, and heat pumps, SFL Technology has successfully achieved a 100% energy efficient building powered only by the sun.

The inauguration day began with a brief speech given by Prof. Michael Grätzel, inventor of the “Grätzel cell”. This event took place on the 14th floor, where the invited guests got the chance to admire the panoramic view through 1000 red DSSC W32 H.Glass modules which provided an incredible warm atmosphere to the place! Obviously, H.Glass was present during the day and took the opportunity to show its different colored solar modules by  eating some traditional Swiss’ chocolate ! H.Glass also presented its unique expertise through presentation videos.

The Board members of H.Glass are proud to have collaborated and to have played a key role in the realization of this incredible solar project with SFL Technology. By making the production of solar electricity visually appealing in a modern cutting edge design, H.Glass believe that this kind of project will serve to promote solutions for a sustainable future. If you are interested in further information, please feel free to visit the web site of SFL Technology.