Science Tower (Graz)


At 60 meters high, the Science Tower overlooks the City of Graz, Austria. This uncommon tower has been designed to be fully solar energy self-sufficient. This is the challenge that SFL Technologie (an H.Glass’ shareholder) has proudly taken on. SFL Technologie is already present and active in green industry, notably through their electric vehicle “ELI”. SFL Technologie has integrated several energy efficient technologies in this one building. For example, this tower is equipped with innovative glass of 3mm thick, also with a mobile system which allows the solar arrays to rotate and to point the power generating panels directly towards the sun. The top of the tower is also enveloped by 2 lines of 1000 H.Glass solar modules, based on DSSC technology. These panels are red and besides their appealing design, the panels also produce electrical energy.

Within a few months, a biosphere will be integrated onto the rooftop and the DSSC H.Glass’ modules are going to provide an additional function. In fact, some research has shown that the direct sunlight passing through the dye solar cells could encourage the growth of certain vegetable crops!

According to Mario Müller, CTO of SFL “The Science Tower is not a common building. This Tower is a message to the world, bringing innovative solutions as the solar cells (Grätzel’s cells) but also a source of synergies between, Science, Technology and Economy”.

In conclusion SFL Technologie has successfully met the challenge of creating a 100% energy efficient building out of solar energy. For more information, we recommend you visit the  Science Tower.web site