Solar Decathlon 2017

H.Glass is proud to announce the victory of the Swiss Team at the “Solar Decathlon 2017” contest that took place in Denver, CO – USA, from the 5th to the 15th of October.  Through this result, Switzerland has demonstrated its ability to seamlessly combine solar energy and sustainability with modern architecture and design !

Since February 2016, a team of 250 students coming from four Swiss institutes of higher learning (EPFL, HEIA-FR, HEAD and UNIFR) have worked on the Swiss Living Challenge project. The aim of the Swiss Living Challenge is to support show the general public how to decrease energy consumption and preserve natural resources. In order to reach these goals, the students have built a solar house, called NeighborHub. This building regroups about seven driving themes on which everyone can act: energy, water managementwaste management, mobility, foodmaterials and biodiversity. The swiss team has been served with distinction in 8 of the 10 categories. The team won the 1st place with 873.409 points followed by the Team form the university of Maryland with a total of 824.717 points.

H.Glass has had the honor of taking part in this amazing project and it has delivered 24 solar DSSC red modules, W50. The modules were installed into the façades of the NeighborHub and they have given a warm atmosphere to the room… while allowing visible light to pass.

H.Glass is proud to have had the opportunity to be a part of this project and would like to congratulate all of the students and professors whose dedication resulted projects success. This victory in the Decathlon showcases the potential of the newest generation of engineers, architects, and businessmen!