About us

Architects have long been waiting for solar cells that are attractive enough for installation on façades, fences and balconies. Standard photovoltaic panels are black, so they aren’t really suited to this kind of use.

That’s why, in 1990, Professor Michael Grätzel of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne came up with a dye solar cell, now known as the Grätzel cell, named after its inventor. This transparent cell generates electricity from dawn until dusk, even when light intensity is low.

H.Glass, formerly g2e glass2energy SA, has since acquired the dye-sensitised solar cell (DSSC) licence for this new type of photovoltaic cell. The Swiss company is not only the owner of this unique technology, it’s also the only company to develop an industrial process for manufacturing pigmented and photosensitive solar cells, encased in glass. H.Glass is a preferred partner of companies specialising in solar technology, using ready-to-use modules laminated between two plates of glass – a piece of technology with a wide range of uses.

In 2017, g2e glass2energy SA became H.Glass – a name that is a better reflection of the Swiss company’s ambition, its quality, its values and its vision. The change was spurred by the firm’s repositioning on the global market.

Today, H.Glass employs more than 50 people in various fields. Its teams of researchers, chemists, and process and machine engineers help the firm to develop its products independently. H.Glass has also grown to encompass three production teams. Owing to its success, the Swiss company has ramped up production and is striving to expand the scale of manufacturing to better serve its customers’ needs.

H.Glass panels open up new channels to harness the energy potential of buildings. They are rewriting the rules on construction and can be used on façades (as building-integrated photovoltaics) and windows to generate electricity or simply because they look good!

H.Glass panels are a testament to the unprecedented design potential for architectural projects, with colours and designs covering the entire building.


Executive Management

Asef Azam
CEO, dipl. Ing. EPFL
More than 20 years of experience in DSC technology on laboratory and industrial level (EPFL labs, Leclanché, Solaronix)
Lukas Kunz
More than 12 years of experience in operations, corporate development, investments and financial management with Spirent Communications, Kudelski Group, PubliGroupe and Swisscom.
Thomas Friesen
CTO, Ph. D. in Physics
MFormer Director SUPSI Lab with more than 10 years of experience in the field of PV module reliability testing and qualification. Numerous experience in product development in the field of PV and applied vacuum technology and startup of testing Labs and production lines.