About us

H.Glass was founded in 2011 with the vision to develop the Eco-Habitat and become a world leader in sustainable living. Today we manufacture glass-sealed, colored and semitransparent solar panels for glass facades and different types of building materials, based on DSSC (Dye Sensitized solar Cells) technology, developed by Mr. Michael Gr├Ątzel at the EPFL in Switzerland.

H.Glass has developed a unique manufacturing process of glass encapsulation of chemicals used in the glass device. H.Glass maintains a total staff of approx. 50 employees at its facilities in Villaz-St-Pierre and EPFL Innovation Park.

In 2014, H.Glass was very pleased to receive the Watt d’Or in the category “Renewable Energies”. This award is awarded annually by the Federal Office of Energy. This prize, that rewards energy excellence, aims to encourage the economic and political circles as well as the general public to discover the advantages of promising energy technologies.