About us

H.Glass is expert at engineering and manufacturing a new generation of aesthetic, colored and transparent solar panels based on the dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC) technology that was developed by Mr. Michael Grätzel at the EPFL in Switzerland.

Our company brings together an international team of 50 employees on 2 sites: production facilities in Villaz-St-Pierre and Research and Development center in EPFL Innovation Park.

H.Glass was established 2011 with the vision to make the Eco-Habitat and sustainable building a reality. H.Glass developed a unique manufacturing process of glass encapsulation of dye-sensitized solar cells in the glass device. Our technology came to life in large pilot projects and has been recognized by several awards. In 2014, H.Glass received the prestigious “Watt d’Or” award in the category “Renewable Energy” from the Swiss Federal Office
of Energy.

Based on its experience, acquired know-how and passionate work of researchers and engineers, H.Glass is currently developing a new production technology. This innovative production line will offer economical and ecological benefits: high production speed, low costs, low energy consumption production process. This will lead to a radically more affordable technology and a very short energy payback time.

Technology and products specifications will be unveiled in the second half of 2019.