Our Vision




We believe that in the future everyone will be able to live in Eco-habitat, lead by energy decentralization and green technologies development. It will allow people to enjoy a lifestyle in which technology and nature are in balance. The following elements outline our dream:


– Build high utilization of light standard housing with H.Glass modules

– Produce enough energy ourselves without fossil energy consumption

– Access convenient and modern solutions at a reasonable cost, integrating different green technologies

– Recycle organic rubbish to gas and fertilizer through micro biogas systems

– Easily produce organic food and clean water in-house

– Go back to human nature: reading, writing, living an active lifestyle, communicating


Guided by this vision, driven by the passion for dye-sensitized solar cells, our team of world class researchers, talented engineers and multi-skilled employees is proud to make this new sustainable technology accessible.

We changed our name!


is now