a H.Glass story: Mathieu, Department Manager

a H.Glass story: Mathieu, Department Manager


Ever wondered how it feels working at H.Glass? We asked Mathieu, one of our Department Managers, to provide us with a glimpse of working life and creativity, H.Glass style.


Mathieu, can you tell me more about your experience within H. Glass SA since you joined us?

When I joined last summer, it was the beginning of the pandemic, so obviously not a period to look for another job, especially not from an international company to a start-up sized company. And I guess, on the company’s side, it wasn’t either a period for hiring. So apparently “daring” was our first commonality with H.Glass!

Then, everything went fast, and in a good way. The team grew along with the development ideas, we moved from a small R&D office at the EPFL Innovation Park to our new own gigantic office in Ecublens (Lausanne Area), and our department split in two since we had too many project perspectives and opportunities. And I feel it’s only the beginning of something much bigger.

On a more personal aspect, I have truly enjoyed working in such an environment: finally, a company that matched my pace and my visions.


What are the goals you achieved last year, and what are the projects you are working on for the moment?

With our small 4-people team, and of course the help of other departments, we gathered ideas, designed the first prototype of our project, and finally built it 5 months later. It was a blast. I have never learnt so fast on so many topics.

But as it wasn’t innovative enough, we decided to go deeper into photovoltaics activities in 2021. What is better than being your own Energy supplier right? And this led to the creation of another new project, that now defines our department. Basically, what we want now is not only to beat photovoltaics efficiency record, but also to end up releasing industrialized products.


“It was a blast. I have never learnt so fast on so many topics.”


You have been promoted and were granted with the title of Department manager in the beginning of the year, what would be your advice for any people starting to work at H. Glass?

It might sound silly but being yourself and self-belief is the key. There’s no need to play any role. If we hire you at H.Glass, it’s not only thanks to your background, but mainly because we liked what we saw: here, we truly give importance to the mindset, the creativity and the smartness.


You had a solid working experience before joining us, in your opinion, what makes H. Glass different from other employers?

H.Glass is a place for proactive and creative open-minded people, and that is what makes this company so special: every idea is worth a shot. We are not driven in any way by the market, but we are strongly willing to drive it one day. To the contrary of many other companies, we don’t have any limitation or preconception in what to do. We simply do it. It’s a real place for innovation.

Moreover, everyone, and when I say everyone, I mean it, is free to express, develop or share their expertise.  So eventually, should it be your wish, you’ll work on many different topics and you’ll improve your skills in numerous domains. What can suit you better as a young engineer?


“H.Glass is a place for proactive and creative open-minded people, and that is what makes this company so special: every idea is worth a shot”


Thank you so much for your precious time and answers, do you have anything to add?

Our team is looking for an optical engineer, so do you have what it takes?



Lausanne, May 12th 2021

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